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constructional recordings

Prevent time consuming discussions and unjust damage claims with a constructional pre-recording.
In case of construction activities which cause vibrations and or settling such as: demolishing activities, pile-driving, foundation repair, in and out drilling of dam walls, ground work, sewer projects, groundwater clean-ups, draining, dyke-strengthening, urban expansion projects, and construction traffic. Due to these phenomenon it cannot be excluded that damage will occur to the adjacent houses/buildings.
The client and/or main contractor of a construction project is usually liable for possible damage to adjacencies (buildings, infrastructure, etc.). Evaluation of the causality question usually turns out to be a time consuming and pricey discussion, something you are not happy with as a client. An evaluation of the present missing matters to the adjacencies with a constructional prerecording before the construction activities enables parties to exactly quantify possible damage and evaluate them on their correctness.
Our recording experts enable a preventive functioning on reporting complaints/claims and evaluate possible damage claims for their correctness.
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